The Frustration

You’ve known these characters for months, years even. You know their darkest secrets, the things they want to keep hidden from everyone, including the one they love. You yell at them when they do something stupid, “How could you do that?! How could you possibly think that’s the right thing to do?! You are not saving anyone! Especially not yourself!” But they can’t hear you. The author is the only one who knows what’s going on, and how the book is going to end. Would you really want everything to be happy-go-lucky? What kind of story would that be? Besides, think of how much harder it would be for the author, who loves the characters a million times more than you do because they are one, to even write the character practically destroying themselves? You’re just reading it, they wrote it.

Yet, still you don’t want them to go down that road. You still don’t want them to leave that safe haven they’re in. Instead, the character gets up from those arms wrapped around her, lies to her best friend, walks down the street, and into the building that could end her life. Yes, you’ve seen the movie…first… Yes, you know how the ending goes, but only to this book! There’s still another one after! And you haven’t seen that movie, and it has two parts anyway! You have no idea how the ending to the whole story will go! You’re left frustrated! Maddening every second you don’t know what the next page’s secrets hold!

Since that last sentence is very true…why am I writing this and not reading the story? Because I have to take my frustration out somehow! I need to voice (write) these words out loud and get them out of me before I can have the courage to endure the last fifteen chapters of the book! Which leads to a happy ending for this book, but who knows what the end of the next book holds! It’s the last one! They could die, they could live and live happily ever after, but you know very well that they could die. Cause after all, this is not a happy story in the first place! This is a book about devastation! Why would they kill her! Why can’t there be a happy ending! Please! Please, I beg of you (even though you’ve already written the whole story and I could cheat and see the back of the last book to what happens, but why kill myself?) please be a happy ending!

Frustration, out.


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