My Secret

My secret has become my worst enemy. It took root in the deepest part of my mind, and grabbed a hold on anything it could touch. It tried to crush me, and suffocate me, but I knew I had to overcome it. Though that was the most difficult thing to do.

I walked around like a normal person, breathing the same air as everyone. But so was my secret. It had become a person of it’s own. The dark version of myself. Even when I tried to shake it, it clung to every part of me. It grabbed a hold of my throat and and began to choke me. The light of day drifting out to the unknown. I don’t know how long it’s been, but too long is the only answer.

It lingers in the shadows, and waits for any moment to attack. I try to run, but something always trips me up, and it pulls me back. I’m left in the shadows, weeping from┬áthe pain it’s left behind. How long was this going to continue?

I try to stay in the light, but even in the sunlight there are shadows. I keep someone with me, it suffocates me. I call out, it suffocates me. How long will I cry out and no one will here my screams?! I’m dying! It’s killing me! There is no one around.

The empty ally calls my name. It beckons to me. And I’m gone once again.


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