The Storm

So many times do we find ourselves in the middle of a storm, and why? Because we asked for it. You may be saying, “No, I didn’t. I did not ask for this.” Face it. You did. You did when you asked God to make you like Him. The very moment you step into the boat with Christ, you’re asking for a storm. Before you start thinking, “Well, I’m gonna stop asking for this then.” Don’t. That’s not where I’m going. Now, unless you’re part of the crowd that wants to follow Christ “anywhere”, you’re walkin’ around the sea, and probably think life is “perfect”. But, again, face it: it’s not.

When you asked for the Lord to make you like Him for His glory, it’s the same moment the storm started brewing. It didn’t come immediately. First, you felt rain sprinkling. Then all of the sudden, without realizing it, thunder is rolling, the winds have picked up and you’re takin’ on water. So, naturally, you cry out for God to save you. How does He respond? As always, “Stop being so scared. Don’t you trust me?”

Well, sometimes it’s a little different than that. Let’s try it this way: you’re in a boat again, and, oh yes, it’s windy (surprise, surprise). You may not “feel” that God’s with you, but when He starts walking towards you on water, and (remember, you’ve asked to be made like Him) He calls out for you to come to Him, don’t take your eyes off of Him. Don’t do it. Just don’t. But what did you do, and constantly do? Yep; you took your eyes off of Him. So, you sink, and you cry out for Him to help you. At this point you’re treading water, and why? Because you refuse to take His hand. You called out to Him, so take it! Stop trying to do it on your own. Let Him help you, cause you did ask for His help, remember?

I do this constantly. I get so stubborn and (in a sense) stuck up, because I think I can do it on my own. That’s not how I was made, or you. The storms that we go through are to help us. Now, I really love storms, and I like to dance in the rain. When it comes to the storms we face through this life, I haven’t really learned to dance in the rain yet. But isn’t that what we should be doing? We’ve received Christ and should be completely confident in Him. For me, I’m hoping that I can stop being that little girl that’s on the beach that is having a mental breakdown because she wants to take a nap. Screw that! Get up, because this life is not over yet. I was not created to just take naps. We were not created to just sit down. We were made to move. So, dance.


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