Sweet Little Thing

Your little hands and tiny feet. Your bright eyes and small ears. Your big smile and happy heart. The way you try to talk to tell us what you want, or what’s up. The way your small little fingers wrap around one of my fingers. The way you try to pick yourself up enough to crawl, and make a happy noise when your favorite stuff animal gives you “kisses.” You love when whoever is holding you bounces around or walks down the hallway with you. All of it makes up who you are.

You’re precious in every way. From life’s first cry to every moment after, you are beautiful inside and out. I hope and pray that the world won’t take these sweet things from you. I hope that you will lean on your parents and listen to them. I hope that you won’t go from crawling to running too fast. I hope that airplane rides with your daddy won’t get old too fast.

There’s so much ahead of you and I hope you take time to notice everything you can. See the good in people. Change them. Let them speak into your life. Never take Mom or Dad for granted. Listen. Hope. Pray. Laugh a lot. This world may be crazy, but among all the chaos, we find our serenity in someone who is greater than everything we can even imagine. I hope I get to watch as you grow into a bright and delightful lady. You are loved.


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