The Roadside Battle

They hide in the bushes waiting to attack you as you walk by. Some hide behind the trees, but they’re all there for the same thing: to take you off guard. No matter the time of day, no matter what day of the week, they sneak up and take you as you are. They beat you, cut you, leave you bruised and gasping for air. You lay there looking up wishing someone would come and pick you up. When no one comes, you wish you were dead. You wish there was no breath left in you.

Some days you even walk with other people, and you think they won’t over take you this time. But here they come like they do so often. They beat you, tear you down and make you feel lower than ever before. You can’t understand why the people you were walking with you don’t see what’s happening. They continue to laugh and banter on about things without you. You lay there, helpless, as you listen to their voices fade off. They will never see what’s really going on. They will always leave you here, alone. You will never be saved.

This day is different. Another path, a brighter day. All is new, and you are confident that they cannot hurt you anymore. They come, you stand in confidence, “You cannot hurt me. Leave.” And they stare blankly as you walk on. The day is new, and someone walks beside you who sees everything. He knows your hurt, and He knows your burden. He will defend you in any battle, and He will not leave you. He will pick you up and mend your bruises and cuts. You are able to move on. You are able to conquer any battle. He’s waiting for you. Take His hand and walk on, soldier.


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