We’re Wasting Time

We’re wasting more time than any other generation every has, and it will only continue to get worse. But you already know that. The thing that bothers me most about this though, is that we know we’re wasting out time here but don’t do anything about it. We go on wasting time and wasting time. Time speeds up the older we get. It seems like we were just in high school last year. For some, that is true; for us, it is not.

Every year when the big ball is lookin to drop in New York City, everyone is making their lists swearing they are going to keep to these resolutions this time. Even they know they won’t keep to it. Some put into their lists that they’ll take time to smell the roses, make new friends, go to the gym and work off that beer belly they got in college (sorry, no you won’t.) But no one ever keeps to it for longer than a year. I challenge you to keep to it for at least six months this time. (Let me know if you keep up with it or fail.)

One of my hobbies is photography (as you can see in some of the thumbnails for each new post). What I don’t like about photography is that we’ve gotten out of the habit of explaining to people what we see. We just share with them the picture we took. We can’t tell them the colors we saw: vibrant green, with an orange tint cast across the blades of grass as the sun was setting. No, we have to take a picture in order to show what we are thinking. Movies do the exact same thing. That’s why when a book series is picked up so quickly and turned into movies, people go to see the movies instead of reading the books. It’s much easier for them to see the make-shift of what the author has written than to read them. They can see it instead of take all that time to read the book(s). Really it doesn’t take very long to read a book. It takes less than a day to read a 300 page book. Now, of course it depends on how interesting the book is, and if you’re reading it for a class or not. But if everyone read a book or two a week, we would be able to have more intelligent conversations. We wouldn’t have to make small talk anymore! And I’ve heard: everyone hates small talk.

I’m not trying to persuade you to read a book, though if I have, great! Go read one! But do take time to read a book. Take time to go outside and have a cup of coffee or tea. Make new friends (not that the ones you have are bad). Smell the roses. Take time out of the day to put your thoughts into order. Spend time being quiet and not looking at screen. And yes, I realize the irony in that, because you are reading this on a screen.

Go! Stop wasting time!



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