What happened to writing?

I find it very unsatisfying when I read a book and it has poor grammar. Even when I’m reading an article by some professional I would like to see proper grammar. Now, I know I don’t always have proper grammar, or even spelling sometimes. But please, I’m not a professional. I’m not writing for a living. I do try to write as well as I can and so should the author of any book or article!

I especially don’t like when someone is trying to give writing advice in some article and their grammar is all out of wack too. Why are you even trying? If I’m looking for help on something, you are definitely not the person to go to.

What happened to our English majors? What happened to our journalists? They’ve somehow all disappeared and we’ve been left with people who cannot speak, or rather write, properly. I’m always seeing text lingo in articles now, and I can’t seem to figure out when that became the norm for writing. We want our kids to learn to write correctly, and yet we don’t read things that are written correctly in the first place. We’ve set up a double standard, it’s no wonder our kids do what they want.

Somehow we need to teach them to write (and speak) correctly.


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