I’ve heard this word several times over the last week. Every time I hear someone different use it I wonder why they chose that word. I’ve heard it before, but when several different people use it over the course of a week, it starts to really stand out to you.

One of the definitions Oxford Dictionary has for this word is “prosper; flourish.” I think that is what many people think of when they hear┬áthat word. In today’s society everyone wants to thrive, they want to flourish. Everyone wants the world to know who they are and what they’re doing here. Well, not everyone. There are some who don’t like being in the spotlight at all. For the rest of the world that’s not the case.

Oxford Dictionary also has “grow or develop well or vigorously” as the definition for thriving also. I think that’s what the world forgets though. People want others to see them being well liked with lots of money. But what about the other part? To have all that, don’t you have to go through this long process of…oh right, working hard to earn that money? Well, today if you’re popular on YouTube, you might just have money and not have to really work hard for that! Now, that’s not really the case for most people. Not everyone gets rich off of YouTube. My point is, everyone wants to take some lazy way of getting rich quick. But the process of working builds character. Working hard helps us to┬ádevelop well, and truly THRIVE. We can’t just become who we’re supposed to be overnight. Of course, we all know that’s difficult for me to be patient. I think it’s difficult for others to be patient also. We have to go through this process of working hard, succeeding for awhile, and then getting knocked down, pick ourselves back up and moving forward. Even after we’ve gotten to where we want to be, we still go through that same process every so often. It doesn’t just happen once.

I’m not really the patient kind, and it takes me a long time to learn things. I mean, it takes me several times of doing the same stupid thing to finally learn my lesson. I don’t learn from other peoples’ mistakes; well, some of the time. I have to do things on my own, and I tend to fail. But eventually I learn. Eventually I start doing something smart, I get knocked down, and somehow find my way to get back up. Now, I wouldn’t say I’m thriving (yet), but I know I’ll get there one day.

I’ve heard it said a time or two that it takes ten times longer to put yourself together than it does to fall apart. I’ve also heard people respond to that and say, “Then what’s the point in putting yourself back together again?” Why would you want to stay down, though? Why would you want to continue to lay there and not get back up? Yes, you’ve got a good view of the stars from down there, but you can see them just fine standing up too. When you get back up you can strive to join those stars. Go thrive. Go and work, get knocked down so you can get back up and one day join the stars.



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