The World Around Us

I recently watched a television show that was trying to prove if people were good or evil. The girl struggled to learn that people are truly good, when she had known her whole life to look for the good in people. She had finally come into contact with what was going on around her in the world. It got me thinking that we all struggle with this same thing. We see the evil things go on around us and wonder why it is happening. We cannot help but wonder why people just let things happen around them. We see things like poverty, war, sex trafficking, and hunger all over the world. People just let it pass them on by.

To me, I wonder why we let it pass us on by if we know about it. Why do not we do our part to help end these things? Yes, some may be too big that we cannot do anything to stop it. But even if they are too big, we should still try. We can still try to cut it back significantly, or even a little. No matter how small or big the difference, it is still a difference. Now, I am guilty of just letting things pass me on by. I do not even wave at them. I just keep on walking past, pretty much ignoring them. Too often we all are this way.

We should all stand up. Stand up to everything that continues to make this world evil. It may not be possible to make everything better, but why not try? Is not that our purpose? To take care of this world? We were put in charge here to make sure that this world is not destroyed. But instead we continue to make things worse. We continue to throw gasoline on the fire and make it worse. Part of it is because there are not enough people who know what goes on around us. Not enough people know what is really happening in those dark allies. Not enough people know what is happening behind those closed doors. Not enough people are giving their time. Not enough people are giving what they can.

Today, all we are doing is looking to who is in charge and accuse them for harming us. Harming what they are doing to someone else. It seems like all we are doing is blaming someone else for what all goes on in this world. In our country. But who is really to blame? We are. All of us. Who are we helping by just blaming someone else? No one! Absolutely no one. That person who is hungry down the road is not getting fed by our blaming someone else. That person who is continuing to get hurt and beat up is not being helped. That child who is being raped by every man, or woman, who pays to do so, is not being helped. How would you feel if that was your friend? Your child? Your sibling? You? Who are you helping by blaming someone else?

I challenge you, as well as myself, to start to take care of this world. Give your time. Give what you can. Bring to everyone’s attention what is going on in this world. Things do not just happen across oceans, or borders. Some things happen right next door, or even down the street. Things do not just happen. We have to do something in order for things to change. Take time to know what is going on in this world. Take time to know what you can do to help. Take. Time. Spend your time. Your free time was not just given to you for no reason. It was given to share.


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