I find that the thoughts that flood my brain day in and day out are not as important as the ones that I can’t remember. Those are the ones I should remember more. The ones that flood are as unimportant as the number of sneezes one sneezes in a day. Now that number is more important than it was before you read that statement. Which leads me back to the flood, because suddenly it all became important again. And now you’ve forgotten about the sneezes. It’s a cycle.

My brain consists of too many thoughts, but not enough thoughts. I think too much about one thing, then eventually move on to the next. I think too much on one topic but don’t bring it to anyone else’s attention.

(Lettuce)┬áthink about storms for a moment, or a city that has just been snowed on. Maybe we should spend that moment on music, or maybe even great sports teams… I hope you’re getting the point here. If not, I’ll leave you to mull it over. If you still can’t figure it out, move on to the next section of this blog. (The contact page.)